Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My annual coffee bitch

You know I'm not really a tree hugger but I do recycle, and I'm fairly vigilant about it. I think leaving lights on unnecessarily is also a waste. I think the waste from things like excess coffee trays is crazy and unnecessary and it bothers me.

For anyone that works at a Tim Horton's (or any coffee place for that matter) please take some advice from me. If somebody orders two drinks at the drive-thru, ASK if they need a tray. Don't ASSUME they do. Almost every modern car today has at least two cup holders in the front.

Nothing bugs me more than being handed two drinks on a tray and then I have to take them out and give the tray back...and techincally they are not supposed to take it because it's against health regulations. How about environmental regulations? There should be something stating though shalt not waste unnecessarily.


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Anonymous said...

Very Good Point.