Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Games that be remade for the next gen - part 1 of ?

I've been thinking lately a lot about the "old games" as I usual do. There is something about them that's attractive. I used to think it was just the "warm fuzzy" feeling we got because it was a different time in our lives when things were different, we were different, and so on. To some degree it is, but in other cases it's not. Some of these games are just downright fun.

Today, I'd like to mention Miner 2049'er. Bill Hogue's incredible game back in the day still brings back the warm and fuzzies for me, and I can just picture Bounty Bob in a 3D platforming world, struggling with mines that have incredible booby traps.

Big Five software has an emulator written specifically to play Miner on today's machines and you can find it at their website.

Did the donkey have a name? Now I need to know. Not sure why. I didn't really play Bounty Bob Strikes back and of course, Scraper Caper was advertised but never released. Maybe Bill (please, please, please) could take the elements of all three games and put them into some next gen love. My XBox 360 screams to play Bounty Bob on the widescreen!

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kshipper said...

I seem to remember the sequal used bank it was really two cartridges in one cartridge. That's how they cheated to make such large cool game =) ....I loved it.