Friday, May 19, 2006

E3 - Day 3

I wasn't sure on the last day of E3 if I was going to go to the show or just do other things. First things first, I followed Kristen to work and got inside Treyarch. I can't really talk about what I saw inside (since I'm under an NDA) but I can tell you that it was a great experience actually being inside a development company. It felt oddly familiar but fresh and interesting at the same time. Some of the home grown tools they use are just incredible. It's quite the challenge taking the regular game assets and moving them into the game to be usable, and I really got a better understanding of that before I left.

I dropped down the street to photograph the head office of Activision and then let my Garmin take me over to Naughty Dog's HQ. I didn't get to inside of course, but it felt interesting being in the place where so many great games that I love were created (realizing they have moved offices of course several years ago, but the vibe is still there).

I ended up heading back to E3 to catch some of the content I missed first time around. The coolest thing was definitely the Indian Jones 2007 game--this looks really hot and not to be missed. I left around 3:30 and headed back to the car and up to Universal to meet Kristen and Shavonne for dinner. What a great trip!

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