Thursday, May 11, 2006

E3 - Day 1

Well I did it! I'm finally here, E3 for the first time. Wow this is a busy place. Fortunately, my press credentials get me in a full two hours before the general populous gets let in. Yet, there is still an incredible number of people walking around.

The first thing I see is the new PS3 -- at least, the empty shell of it. Some of the games are running and they look pretty sweet. As I walk up Kaz Hirai is being interviewed by Geoff Keighley (Spike TV and G4's Electric Playground)...I almost walk into the shot! Then later I see Peter Moore (Microsoft) and that's where things just get started!

Besides the incredible games like God of War II and Guitar Hero II, I also met Tommy Tallarico from G4's Electric Playground and also Reviews on the Run. We talked for a bit and I got a photo with him. That was just after I was interviewed on Maxim Online (www.maximonline) -- we'll see when (if) that shows up!

I also had the pleasure of talking with David Foster from Digital Leisure and see the new upcoming Dragon's Lair HD - yes, DL remastered in HD and it looks amazing!!! Can't wait for this one.

Finally, I got autographs from Morgan Webb and Adam Sessler from G4's X-Play. They were really nice and we had a few laughs. I can't believe I finally got to meet them. I also saw Tina Wood and Laura Foy wandering around as well.

So many people, so little time it seems. Feet completely SORE after walking around. And for any of the nay-sayers, the Nintendo Wii is actually pretty cool. I'm surprised.

More tomorrow!

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