Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Why Game-X-Change Sucks

So I'm in Oklahoma City (again) and I'm out on the great video game hunt. I love coming to new cities looking for games, and when I stumbled upon this Game X Change (http://www.game-x-change.net/) I got excited. Why? Well....they had boxed Super Nintendo (SNES) titles out the wazoooo. And cheap! $1.95 for some sports titles and $6.95 for some others. Yep. Bought a lot. Had a stack so high that I couldn't see over it and spent a good deal of time just trying to figure out how I was going to get all these games home.

Then, the worst thing happened.

They pulled my games from behind the counter (common practice to not put the actual game inside the box for security reasons) and then started putting the boxes back OUT! What!? I said "Don't I get the boxes?".... uh ... NO. The boxes are for display only!

How unfair is that? I buy only boxed games for my N64 and most of the other titles weren't such a deal sans box. So I said "Well, I don't want any of them then" and had them put 'em all back. What a croc. So what happens when they sell the last copy of "insert game name here"? They are going to throw that box out eventually, aren't they!?

I couldn't be more po'ed. I went from being the most elated gamer to the most pissy in 0.5 seconds.

To the management of Game X-Change: you just lost yourself a ton of business and do everyone a favor: put up a sign if you are not selling the boxes, any other way is just false advertising.


jim said...

nice look in today's expositor syd. you've got a lot of stuff.

you quite the geek. but cool.

Anonymous said...

jerks...how dare they not have the boxes for the games too..lol

Anonymous said...

Hey this is for the Game-X-Change stores that are in Illionis. We just found out that if you email them (gxcofil@aol.com)and request they store coupons they will email one to you for both stores. COOL!

Anonymous said...

I bought an Xbox and they didn't even give me the right cords