Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Next gen gaming

I had a game party on the weekend and it was great. Smaller crowd than usual but you know, it was actually better because people got to play some actual games with each other instead of a few people hogging all the systems (and couches). I went with a music theme, having the Nintendo Gamecube running a dual-set of Bongo drums and Donkey Konga, the Dreamcast with the maracas (I'm really not sure if they were working right, they need to have a 'calibration' test or something) and of course, Guitar Hero on the PS2. Can you believe someone actually coded a Guitar Hack to let you use the controller as a real instrument on your PC? Check it out at http://www.myfavoritebutton.net/guitar.html.

Anyways, we had Jeff's XBox 360 hooked up at the museum on the 122 inch wall and ran the Tomb Raider: Legends demo out there. Personally, I found it amazing. What I don't understand is that everyone out there is bitching because the 360 version just 'looks prettier'. Yeah? Your point? I would hope it does! And it's HD. These are advancements people! Was I expecting it to be different from what was on the current generation? No...and neither should you. It takes time to design a game and the developers always leverage existing assets where they can. I'm not surprised at all. Did they take the time to redo some textures and improve the normal maps so we can see her jiggle in even more detail? Yes and the rest of the benefits just come with it.

With Microsoft entering the Next-Gen battle earlier than anyone predicated, it's going to take time for the software to catch up. This is not unusual and has happened in all of the other console launches that were first too. The nice thing is that by the time the 1st generation of PS3 titles hit and there is some excitement there, the 360 will start getting some titles that leverage the hardware more than they are doing today. Progress takes time.

Do I feel ripped off paying $10 more a 360 version? Not really. I wish it was the same price (duh) but I understand I'm getting a better product. I don't understand why everyone thinks everything (especially things that are better) should be free. Don't like it? Buy the other versions then.

Well enough of my bitchin' for the day. I gotta write my column for the Expositor (http://www.theexpositor.com) -- maybe I just gave myself a column idea.

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kshipper said...

I was at that party Syd, and I played Burnout 4 on the Xbox 360 on that giant screen with the 5.1 Dolby Digital sound...and I was sitting in one those mega-comfy theatre leather loungers you have and I was thinking...If I were dying of something terminal do you mind if I was spending my last moments on earth there? =)