Monday, April 17, 2006

The Problem with Easter

You know, I've been thinking about Easter as a Holiday and I've decided I know what's wrong with it. There's no associated "sound" you can make that says "Easter" definitively. I'll give you an example. When I was at the grocery store, going through the checkout, I was bored as usual and thoughts entered my head. I wanted to say "Have a great Easter" to the cashier, but sometimes I'm just lazy with saying words. Had it been thanksgiving, I could have uttered "gobble, gobble". If it was Christmas, "Ho, ho, ho!" or rang some jingle bells. Instead, with Easter, I'm stuck twitching my nose like a freakin bunny rabbit in the hopes that she'll see me.

Yeah, sure, you might think that the Cadbury cluck like a chicken commercial should work... but it just doesn't. The only chicken sound I can make sounds like "krbaaaaach" which in turn actually sounds like a chicken getting goosed (get it!?).

So, until somebody comes up with a sound that is Easter, I guess I'm stuck. I ended up spending a small amount of time with the Tomb Raider: Legend demo on the XBox 360 (oh, so yummy) and playing a little bit of Zathura on the PS2. Man, that game is awful looking yet I keep playing it. The framerate is terrible and the character models were obviously recycled from some unreleased Nintendo 64 game. I tried to think up an Easter sound during that game, and all I can say is that it was all so painful, so painful.


kshipper said...

The problem stems from the fact that most of the holidays are based on Christianity. Easter celebrates that occasion where Jesus rose from the dead.

If you can make the sound of a guy floating up to heaven I guess that would be the correct sound?

Most holidays are so commercialized that perhaps the Cadbury chicken sound is probably the best you are going to get.

Float+Float+Float...nahh that one doesn't work either.

jim said...

i could be mistaken, but i don't think "ho ho ho" is a central part of christianity.

perhaps you could imitate the sound of children gulping on the mass of chocolate they receive.