Monday, January 23, 2006

Welcome to my BLOG

You know, I tried this BLOGGING thing before and I didn't keep up with it. I think this time it will be different. I feel different about it, about sharing my thoughts and everything else that goes with it. I think I've also grown as a writer. I find myself actually starting to think about how I'll write something in my head before it actually hits the screen (didn't we used to say 'before it hits the paper?').... yeah.

I had an interesting weekend to say the least. A had a nice group of people visit the Personal Computer Musuem ( and they also looked around at my videogames. A friend brought up an interesting point about the marketing of videogames, something I definitely will look into writing an article about in the future.

Getting back into the BLOGGING thing has made me want to write about it in my weekly computer column that it's the Brantford Expositor every Saturday ( so for all of my readers out there, thanks for reading I hope you enjoy my future columns as well.

My thought for the day is the old stand by of 'LIFE IS TOO SHORT'. Need to get on with things, get on with them and quit pissing around. Now, I just have to listen to my thoughts!

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jim said...

i read your article this past saturday and enjoyed it. i have also checked out wil's blog - it is interesting, but i wish he would have more recent posts on his audio blog.

none the less, i enjoyed your article, and i have enjoyed your stuff in the past (one that stands out is family guy, but i could be mistaken).