Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Video Game collecting a Legitimate Hobby

When people look at my video game collection, they have this indescribable reaction.

Sure, it's not stamps and it's not coins but does that make it any less legitimate? I personally don't think so. I like collecting games because it's something that so few people do. Sure, you have your occasional gamer that keeps a mint copy of Final Fantasy II from the SNES around even though he may have the system in a closet. But I am hardcore.

I now have two game rooms dedicated. A total of 6 televisions and one projected screen play host to around 40 systems. I have thousands of games. You will hear this annoyed response in my voice when the EB Games employee asks me for the millionth time 'Do you have anything to trade?'. Duh. No. This is the number one reason I don't shop there anymore.

You won't find me trading in 3 or 4 triple A titles to pick up the latest and greatest, or selling my 300+ cartridges from the Atari 2600 on eBay. You'll find me dusting off my Fairchild Channel F and my 3DO and even the Intellivision from time to time to remember our roots. I think I ought to make sure the Colecovision still works and try out that steering wheel with Turbo!

Do I even want to consider lending out one of my 225+ BOXED Nintendo 64 games? Not really considering how freaking hard I've worked to get that many games in the box. And that brings up another point. PEOPLE PLEASE. WHY? Why do you throw the game boxes out? Sure, not everyone has a ton of space but for the LOVE OF GOD please stick the boxes in a closet somewhere until you make that trip to Microplay to trade in your old junk. Please. You will be surprised that you usually get MORE money when you do this and you'll make a collector like me drool and salivate at the pristine condition you've kept your manuals in. Can't keep your peanut butter finger kids away from the manuals? Give them photocopies to thumb through and hide the real thing for the day it makes the trip back to the game store.

Video games really are like salmon I guess. Trying to swim back from where they came from to mate / reincarnate, whatever. But for the odd guys like me that drain the water so we can adore, share, and play those beauties for all eternity....don't look at us like we're got a screw loose. At least we're passionate about something.


kshipper said...

I used to play my Intellivision (when I was a kid)wihout the overlays---just to keep them in mint condition! =)

Innocent Saqib said...

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