Thursday, January 26, 2006

I'm going to E3!!!

Well it looks like it's official! I have my E3 pass thanks to my writing endeavours and I can't wait. Hopefully I can stay with a buddy to cut down some costs if not, it's all good. I can't believe how inexpensive the flights from Buffalo to LA can be.

I'm looking forward to seeing the upcoming XBox 360 titles and of course I am pretty sure Sony will be there with a playable PS3. Will Nintendo actually reveal the Revolution for everyone? I am thinking they will. What will be up their sleeve in the handheld arena? Well since the Nintendo DS 'Lite' as already been announced, I think their 'surprise' may be a whole new console, as powerful as the PSP at a better price point. Or they may just choose to ride the DS wave out for a bit--- I think even Nintendo is surprised at its popularity.

Mostly I am looking forward to actually seeing and meeting some of the industry greats that I have read about and seen on television and followed through the years. Mr. Miyamoto, I'm looking for you bud!

Look for some great information to come out of the event as I am sure I will have soooo much to write about!

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