Friday, January 02, 2009

Xbox Collection Hits 713 - but how many left to go?

So I picked up a few more original Xbox titles today, bringing my grand total to 713 (but this includes some variants like the Mortal Kombat Deception variants but NOT Platinum Hits versions unless they were unique). So I'm thinking I'm getting pretty close to having them all now - something I'd love to achieve.

According to, there are only 799 original Xbox games - yet I keep hearing there are over 800. When I look at Wikipedia, they list everything - North American, Japan and other territories. I want JUST North American titles.

So why is this so hard? There hasn't been a new game out for years, you'd think someone would have this list handy. I've looked different sources - Wikipeida,, Video Game Collector magazine and Digital Press. Everyone has a different number.

Does anybody know? Can anyone tell me, definitely, how close I am? I've got most of the rare ones and a bunch of what I'm missing is common sports titles....but I have been a bit reluctant to kick this collection into overdrive until I can actually see the end goal.

So...if you know, please post it here. If you're curious - my Xbox collection isn't even my biggest (I have over 1,100 PS2 games right now) and I use Game Collectorz ( to keep track of everything. Here's a photo of my collection and you can also browse the parts of my collection that I've actually managed to catalog (original NES and Atari 2600 have not been tackled yet, and I'm scared--very scared).


Orz said...

The ESRB has to rate every game released for the United States & Canada. They do not rate any titles released in any other territory. This might be a good source for you, as they wouldn't re-rate a 'platinum hits' version unless it changed. According to the ESRB, they have rated 1,006 XBOX games.

Search by 'older platform' for XBOX.

Syd Bolton said...

Thanks for the tip. The only thing I wonder about is that the ESRB also rates games that sometimes never get released (The Red Star for example made it out on the Playstation 2 but not the Xbox).

So I'm still left wondering how many games were released.

Orz said...

Your best bet would be to cross-reference with canceled game lists. I'm guessing you wouldn't have to trim many games from the ESRB list; games submitted to the ESRB for approval are supposed to be 'final versions', so in theory, only games on the verge of release that were canceled would need to be culled from the list.

Anonymous said...

I believe you are missing some terminator titles.

Anonymous said...

'To The Game' lists 824 games released in US. The list is available in (click "Xbox", platform = Xbox, Genre = All, Status = Released, Territory = USA). I have no idea how reliable this information is but at least you might use this one as one of the cross-reference sources, right?

Good luck with you quest. I did the same for PAL Dreamcast games a few years ago but the number of games was only a bit over 200.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Here is what seems to be a near complete list or original xbox games. Looks like you still have a few to go. Also on the right side you can see xbox 360 and xbox one, which may have more by now.