Wednesday, January 21, 2009

PS2 Collection

Well it was great to have my post about my Xbox collection hit Evil Avatar, resulting in a massive amount of traffic to my sites. Probably the best part was connecting with other Xbox collectors who are in the same situation as I am trying to determine what games are really out there. I'm working with a buddy to sort out these things and we'll be presenting our findings to the world through one of my web properties.

The whole situation with the Xbox list - and the surprise in the manufacturer not even knowing what is available - leads me to realize it's true with other platforms too. My PS2 collection is at something like 1130 now but I'm not really sure how far I have to go to get them all (and more troublesome is the fact that new PS2 games continue to come out as we're knee deep in the time of shovelware). 1600? Just a guess. A scary, nasty guess. Why do I feel the need to have them all? I guess when you get so far you might as well keep going.

I constantly get asked if I actually play all the games I have. Well, having over 5,000 games makes it near impossible to play all of them. Of course I don't. But I do play games ... just not all the time. If I played one game every day (and assuming I never added anything new to my collection) I could play for around 14 years. Yep. 14.

It's great to see gaming become more mainstream. I guess I never really realized it wasn't -- when you are so immersed in something it's often difficult to see the perspective from the outside.

I also wanted to share with you a great site I've been visiting lately. Video Game Price Charts is a great tool to figure out what your games are worth, so make sure you check it out.

That's it for now - talk to you soon.


Anonymous said...

I saw your collection on Kotaku.
Really impressive.
I wished to contact you in pvt but couldn't find any email contact.
BTW, just wanted to say that I completely understand and agree with what you wrote here
I myself am a collector of Playstation brand games (but my collection is way smaller than yours, currently counting about 500 PS2 games, 90 PSP, 200 PS1 and 50 PS3, but I also have some Dreamcast, Saturn, GBA, DS and even some Intellivision) and people always asks "have you played all of them?"
Non updated (new shelf :D) pictures here

Keep on collecting

P.S. I am Yatterman on kotaku

Sherina2010 said...

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