Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Sly 3 - Finally Finished

So I finally finished Sly 3 on the weekend. Yeah, I know it's been out for over 6 months...but when you have as many games as I do, it's hard to find time to finish or play ANY of them. Sly 3 makes the 32nd game I've finished (since I've been keeping track anyways, for the last few years). I found it *really* hard to get into at first. Not hard to play, just hard to keep my attention. In fact, I had started playing it before and then got distracted by Genji, Harry Potter, Zathura, NeoPets and Ape Escape 3.

All in all, the game was very well done. As I find with many sequels, some of the "magic" gets lost that is present in the first titles. You certainly can't complain about the variety of gameplay .... from controlling a large squid, to driving, to fending off sharks not to mention the platforming. I found the platforming was really light in this version and was complaining about it just up to the point where I entered the Cooper family vault. Then I shut up. :)

The game was challenging but not hard. Just how it should be. Couple of frustrating moments (I didn't like that 'controlling the shark with the guru' thing AT ALL). There seemed to be some closure in the storyline ... but with the building of the time machine (yeah, sorry no spoiler alert).... maybe there will be a next-gen Sly on the PS3. Sucker Punch is clearly up to something. I think maybe a new IP would be great, but I'd be happy to revisit Sly again.

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