Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Amiga CD32 - No Respect

When game sites give a history of game consoles, one is almost always missing. The Amiga CD32 was marketed as the "World's first 32-bit game console". Probably not technically true as the FM Towns Marty seemed to beat it to the punch, but it certainly was in North America. Why is it never included? It had a bunch of really good titles. Defender of the Crown 2, Lemmings and anything by the BitMap Brothers to name just a few.

This unit was based on the Amiga 1200 and had great graphics, s-video output, stereo sound and more. The development was easy because lots of developers were already familiar with the Amiga and very little additional development was required to make stuff work on the CD32.

Although history shows us the "computer turned game console" never works (Atari 5200, Atari GS, Commodore GS, Apple Pippin) this was just totally seems to be forgotten.

Live on CD32 ... I'll always remember you and display you proudly in my game room.

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ecj said...

Great blog. This is the kind of information The Game Room and the Museum are good on.

The LA Times, today, has an article about "Fond Computer Memories" and it goes on about how Commodore Business Machines ruled the '80's. Enthusiasts are still coaxing life out of these machines for email, browseing, word processing, newsletters, and games. New games can be had out of Germany (copyright 2006).

I will get the article in the mail to you this week (if I don't find it on the web first).