Monday, March 06, 2006

Why Airports suck

So I'm sitting here in Atlanta. I should be on a plane. But no, it's been delayed. My 1.75 hour layover has been extended by almost 2 more hours. Lovely. So I figure hey, why not do some work. They have these 'relax and charge' stations where you can plug in your laptop and do some work. Would be great if you could actually get a seat. I think it's American March break this week, because there are way too many stinky people in this airport for a Monday.

So I find a spot with a plug....and plug in ... yeah. Not as good as the comfy seats (and this Dell on MY laptop is HOT!) but it's ok. Plug in my new wireless card....find a connection. Yeah. Four choices of wireless. All cost freaking money though. You would think with the 'airport improvement fees' we pay in every single flight they could afford to give us access. Nope. $7.95 later and I crashed the page twice. Finally get it working, my computer happily displays the blue screen of death (twice).

So if you think I'm frustrated, irritated, and perhaps a little cranky---you'd be right. Hopefully this post saves before I crash again. And hopefully, that's the only crashing that happens today! Cheers!

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