Friday, March 10, 2006

The Great Video Game Hunt

I'm sitting in Oklahoma City right now on business and although travelling can be hard and not as glamorous as some people think it is, there is one bright spot for me. When I am in a new city, the first thing I want to do is embark on the great video game hunt. Finding games that I have been looking for, for several years, is just so exciting. For example, I've been looking for 'Futurama' for the PS2 for at least a year. Nobody seems to have this game. Couldn't find it new (or used) anywhere. As we drove down this road in the middle of nowhere heading to dinner, I passed a Game XChange store. How I can spot these things from miles away I don't know, but on the way back we stopped and sure enough--I found it. The thrill of the hunt and finding that title (and at a good price) is the greatest joy to a collector. Maybe that's why I look for games when I'm away .... finding that rare title and the joy it brings on just (kind of) makes up the fact that I'm away from home.

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