Monday, February 13, 2006

Guitar Hero Rocks....literally

If you haven't heard of this game .... and it's controller, you really should. Guitar Hero for the PS2 has been taking up a lot of my precious free time lately. For all of those out there who wish they have the talent to be in a rock band, now's your chance! This thing is just amazing. I am rocking out some pretty good tunes and for the most part, not doing too bad. Sometimes, those chords mess me up! All in all, a great gaming experience I would recommend to anyone. I can't wait for the sequel and my next game party is going to feature this game for sure!


Adam Gillis said...

Yes, Guitar Hero is awesome - made by Harmonix, who made Frequency and Amplitude, how could it not be? Hopefully I can pick this up soon when I have some cash, the game isn't nearly as fun without the controller.

kshipper said...

Just bought a PS2 today to play THAT game. I love the guitar. It's a blast.

Jeff said...

While I’ve never played the game myself, it looked really fun so I went out and bought two guitars. I’ll probably never use the second one so it’ll sit unopened in its box forever, but at least I have it just in case. Maybe someday I’ll bother to open the first copy and actually play it.