Monday, July 30, 2007

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Lego

OK, I admit it. When I first heard that there was an Indiana Jones Lego game coming, I kind of cringed. I don't really think I thought that this might be a recreation of Raiders of the Lost Ark, instead I envisioned some cheap cash grabbing knock off. Then, I checked out the
trailer and I must say, I'm quite impressed! There are few things I see online these days it seems that actually make me laugh out loud, but seeing a lego-ized rolling ball coming after our hero just made me bust a gut. The only downside to this thing that I can see is that I'll have to wait until summer NEXT year to give it a try. It encompasses all three movies, so I imagine they will be releasing it around the same time that the fourth Indiana Jones movie comes out. These marketing guys are slick.

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JODSTER said...

Did you ever try the Star wars lego games? Nothing better than popping lego heads off stormtroopers with a wookie.