Monday, November 27, 2006

Death Jr. for the PSP

Well I finally finished this puppy up after a long time, but I have to admit something: I had to enable a cheat to get past a few just got NUTS with the guns and ammo and everything else. It was challenging but then it went a little beyond challenging to plain annoying. Overall though, I found the game to be good. A lot of people complained about the camera and I didn't find the camera so much of an issue as I did trying to line up to do the jumps that were just required that you be really precise, which I was.

Overall, given the format I think they did a very good job and I give Death Jr. a 7.5 out of 10... of course, I would finally finish it up just in time for a sequel!
The artwork featured here is from the limited edition, which I have ... sort of. I picked up this version (with the different artwork) and apparently it comes with a comic (which I don't have) and that's it ... otherwise, it's exactly the same. I picked up this one for completeness in my collection (I like to do variants, except the whole "value priced" stuff on all the platforms).


Anonymous said...

Congrats on completing the game, will you be as slow or quicker on completing the sequel? :) and will you have to use cheats this time? Or will you be able to use your smarts and know

Anonymous said...

congragulations on completing the game. is that the real cover for the game? cause i have both games, but mine dont have that cover....