Thursday, October 12, 2006

Pushing the "I WIN" button

I was talking to a co-worker the other day about games, and he was telling me about how his kids actually choose games that they rent based upon whether or not they can get cheat codes for those games. He said that if they couldn't hit what he called the "I WIN" button they just weren't interested. They boast that they beat the game, and that "it's not cheating if it's posted out there".

What happened to exploration? Sure, it's great to get to the end, but it's the journey that counts (this applies to many things in life, I'm sure you might know what I'm talking about!).

Many games are frustrating, and I understand the need for some "help" along the way. I've had to do this myself many times, but there's a big difference between consulting an FAQ / Walkthrough guide and blatently using cheat codes to get through a game or become "invincible".

I've noticed some of the games of Japanese origin do not have these cheat codes. Is this because their culture teaches them that this is not necessary? Is providing cheat codes teaching young game players that in life if you get the right code, you can just get ahead and not have to earn or achieve things?

Maybe today I'm being a bit too serious, but it's certainly concerning. Game developers probably don't think about the role they play in teaching - but it's certainly there.


Anonymous said...

If it were only that simple to push the "I win" button in real life. Wouldnt that be nice. Well for somethings. But I agree, point well made.
Just because theres a I win button in the game doesnt mean there's one in real life.

Anonymous said...

But sometimes life is frustrating enough, so you want your recreation to have assurances and the security in knowing that at least in one thing today, I'm going to win.

Anonymous said...

So very true.There does come a time when you want to win at least once in something.

Jeff said...

While life doesn't have an "I Win" button, I seem to recall an "Easy" button in someone's kitchen.