Friday, September 20, 2013

Making a decent beverage out of two horrible things

Generally speaking, I like Gelato and I like Lemon. So I had to figure that Lemon Gelato would be a good thing, right? It turns out it's not - at least for me. Super sour, this "ice cream" replacement was barely edible. It's the kind of reaction that makes your face go funny and people around you laugh.

So here it is, and nobody else is going to try and eat this stuff. It's just too much. I hate to waste things though, so I put it away thinking about what I could mix it in or how else I could use it.

So now let's switch gears to this little gem. I LOVE, absolutely LOVE my Keurig. I make coffee and tea with it all the time. Now they have this iced tea as well, which you can brew over ice cubes. Perfect. It works - kind of. I find it a bit of a challenge to get just the right amount of ice cubes into the cup without making the thing overflow like Niagara Falls, and then when it's not enough I add some ice to it at the end and it all kind of works out. But honestly, it kind of tastes like shit. If shit was just rather lifeless and boring. To get this stuff cold enough I usually end up diluting it too much which makes it less sweet than I'd like. Maybe it tastes different because it's Lemonade Iced Tea. Whatever that means. Then the Eureka moment comes! Why don't I combine these mediocre beasts! The cold gelato replaces the ice cubes and adds a hint of sweetness and sourness to the tea - to actually give it some flavor. This is going to be an interesting experiment. I wonder how it will all turn out?

There it goes! The hot tea mixing with the cold gelato. I'm excited at this point! The gelato is melting now as the drink fills up the cup. It turns out that I'll still have to add a couple of ice cubes in the end, but it's smelling pretty good. The only problem now is the final appearance.

Look at this! Hmmmn. It doesn't look too appealing to be quite honest. But adding some ice cubes and giving it a final stir, I'm ready to give it a try!

Wow.  It's actually delicious!!! I'm going to be able to polish off the rest of these ingredients! Gelato Iced Tea.  Who knew?