Thursday, November 29, 2007

Halo 3 - Finishing the Fight

Well you know that I'm a gamer. I have more video games in my house than some people have brain cells, and yet surprisingly I have never REALLY played Halo before. Sure, I own all of them ... but it wasn't until Halo 3 arrived that I finally took the plunge and decided to play the single player campaign. I had only played the first level or two of the original Halo and of course have experienced some multiplayer (even played at the Mothership-Microsoft itself when I was there a couple of years ago). So what did I think of this release? I thought it was great. I'm not sure I buy into the incredible hype about it but then again, I'm not a big first-person-shooter fan. I found the story quite interesting and I did feel immersed in the experience. The AI was good - but certainly NOT perfect. Sometimes my guys would drive backwards and I found myself stuck in one place for WAY TOO LONG. These shortcomings did not take away from a great gaming experience however. The music was amazing, the graphics were very good and the game was filled with enough "HOLY CRAP!" moments that I walked away feeling pretty darn good about it. Now the "Legendary Edition" is what I had to have ... but seriously, $150 for the Helmet? Somebody's making too much money. Oh yeah, Microsoft is really good at that. 9.0 out of 10.